Guide to Dynamics 365 Human Resources Migration

In a groundbreaking move unveiled in 2021, Microsoft combined Dynamics 365 Human Resources (HR) with Finance & Operations (F&O). By 2023’s end, D365 Human Resources users must transition to F&O infrastructure.

This consolidation process seamlessly incorporates all the robust functionalities of the Human Resources application into the dynamic finance and operations environments. Microsoft offers comprehensive migration tools through Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, empowering customers to smoothly transition. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to merge their data with their existing finance and operations ecosystem.

Unlocking the Potential of Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is the perfect example of operational excellence. It has revolutionized personnel acquisition, onboarding, skill development, and performance reviews, among other HR operations. It gives you the ability to manage the complexities of human resources, make sure regulations are followed, and foster an environment where employees are happy.

A Glimpse into Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management

Discover Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, optimizing industrial, financial, and supply chain processes. Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management offers full financial insight, with order, inventory, budgeting, and invoicing features. You can easily traverse decision-making processes and accelerate corporate growth when you have access to such vital insights.

Benefits Galore with Infrastructure Integration

Integrating Dynamics 365 Human Resources with Finance & Operations offers a plethora of benefits:

  • Harnessing enhancements accrued by Dynamics 365 Human Resources over the past three years, including refined leave and absence management, robust benefit administration, and advanced reporting features.
  • Augmenting extensibility through the Microsoft Power Platform, facilitating personalized screens and forms enriched with extended business logic.
  • Streamlining deployment, updates, and maintenance procedures with consistent application lifecycle management, bolstered geographic availability, and more.
  • Nurturing technological innovation as our engineering team leverages shared services, cutting-edge tooling, and diminished platform costs.
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Navigating the Transition

The transition from standalone Dynamics 365 Human Resources to the F&O platform impacts both existing Dynamics 365 Human Resources users and those leveraging the HR module.

Migration Versus Merge: Understanding the Distinction

Migration entails Microsoft transferring the standalone Dynamics 365 Human Resources module to the F&O platform. For customers, this migration is obligatory, involving the seamless shift of all data, licenses, and integrations from standalone 365 HR to 365 F&O.

Contrarily, the merge presents an optional avenue for customers utilizing Finance or Project Operations, aspiring to amalgamate these applications with HR into the F&O environment. Customers retain the autonomy to either maintain HR and F&O as separate entities or amalgamate them into a unified environment, fostering synergy across departments. Unlike migration, the merge is not obligatory.

Embarking on the HR Migration Journey

To initiate the HR migration process, adhere to the following steps:

Pre-requisite Checklist:

  • Admin access on LCS and Power Platform
  • Environment refresh from Production to Sandbox
  • Copy of Dataverse environment before migrating a sandbox environment
  • Adequate capacity to copy Power Platform environment

Step 1: Create a new LCS Project, selecting project custom type as HR migration.

Step 2: Complete project onboarding, providing the requisite project name.

Upon the completion of project onboarding, the option to Migrate HR becomes enabled, marking the commencement of your transformative journey.

Wrapping Up

In summary, merging Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations with Dynamics 365 Human Resources marks a major stride in enhancing operational efficiency and simplifying organizational workflows. Combining the strengths of both platforms offers businesses unparalleled agility and insights into HR and finance operations.

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