Must-Try Delights When Traveling to Maine

Must-Try Delights When Traveling to Maine

Embarking on a journey to Maine promises not only breathtaking landscapes but also a culinary adventure like no other. From fresh seafood to iconic regional dishes, Lobster Order, established in 2008 and dedicated to serving Maine lobster and seafood across the USA, invites you to explore the best things to eat when traveling to the Pine Tree State.

1. Maine Lobster Roll:

   A quintessential Maine delicacy, the lobster roll is a must-try for any visitor. Picture succulent chunks of freshly caught Maine lobster nestled in a buttery, toasted bun and served with a hint of mayo or melted butter. Lobster Order ensures that only the finest Maine lobster makes it into our rolls, offering a taste of coastal perfection.

2. Blueberry Pie:

   Maine is famous for its wild blueberries, and there’s no better way to savor them than in a classic blueberry pie. Indulge in a slice of this sweet, tart dessert, bursting with the flavors of freshly picked blueberries and encased in a flaky, buttery crust. At Lobster Order, we celebrate Maine’s culinary heritage by sourcing the finest local ingredients for our blueberry pies, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

3. Clam Chowder:

   No visit to Maine is complete without sampling a bowl of rich and creamy clam chowder. Made with tender clams, potatoes, onions, and a hearty dose of cream, this comforting soup is a beloved staple of Maine cuisine. Lobster Order takes pride in offering a taste of tradition with our carefully crafted clam chowder, prepared using time-honored recipes and the freshest ingredients.

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4. Portland Lobster:

   For a true taste of Maine’s coastal bounty, indulge in a whole Portland lobster. Known for its sweet, succulent meat and tender texture, the Portland lobster is a testament to Maine’s thriving seafood industry. Lobster Order ensures that every Portland lobster we deliver embodies the essence of Maine’s pristine waters, guaranteeing an unforgettable dining experience.

5. Wild Blueberry Pancakes:

   Start your day the Maine way with a stack of fluffy pancakes studded with wild blueberries. These sweet and tangy pancakes are a breakfast staple in Maine, offering a deliciously indulgent start to your day. At Lobster Order, we understand the importance of a hearty breakfast, which is why we offer a selection of gourmet pancake mixes featuring Maine’s finest wild blueberries.

In conclusion, Maine offers a culinary landscape brimming with fresh flavors and time-honored traditions. Whether you’re savoring a lobster roll by the coast or enjoying a slice of blueberry pie in the heart of the state, Lobster Order invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey through Maine’s vibrant culinary scene.


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