How to fix a sagging door in 5 steps


Do you want to explore the steps to fix a sagging door? If yes, then go through this blog and collect the most exclusive details about door stop front door. In general, doors are very important for a proper household. A problem with the door makes the place messy and puts everyone in trouble. 

A sagging door can be very inconvenient and frustrating. It will also lead to major security and safety issues. It will completely damage the functionality of the door like difficulty in closing or opening it properly. 

Calling the skilled experts is always not necessary. You can easily fix the sagging door issues on your own by following the proper steps. You must need some patience and effective tools to fix the sagging door. With that, you can properly restore the door to its original form. Go through this blog further and explore the exclusive steps to fix a sagging door. 

Five steps to fix a sagging door:

Going through the steps to fix the sagging door can help you find better ways to repair your door on your own. Hence take a look at below and gather the five essential steps to fix a sagging door and know the impact of door stop front door:

  • Identify the sagging door causes

It is essential to identify the major causes of the sagging door problem before fixing it. You must understand the fact that there are many factors available that made the doors sag. 

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Such factors are a settling foundation, worn-out screws or loose hinges. You must examine your door closely and find where the major issue occurs. 

At first, you must check out the door hinges thoroughly. Find whether it is damaged or loose. It is mainly since these issues are the major cause of the sagging door and hence going through the hinges is very important. 

Then you must also check out the condition of the strike plate, latch and screws to find whether they function properly. Identifying certain door problems can help you to implement the most effective solution. 

  • Tighten the hinge screws

Currently, many people are facing the sagging door problems in their household due to the loose hinge screws issues. Hence it is evident that loose hinge screws in the door are the main culprit of this problem. But fixing these issues is very simple. 

At first, you need to completely remove the screws from your affected door hinge. During that time, you must remember one thing, you must have someone to hold your door or use the doorstop to prevent you from falling. 

Removing the screws can easily make your door lose the support; hence it will have the chances of falling down. Therefore consider it while removing the screws from the hinge. After removing the screws, check out deeply and find whether there are any signs of wear & tear or damage. 

If you don’t find any damage and they are in proper condition, you can proceed further by adding a few wooden matchsticks or toothpicks into it. Ensure that these matchsticks or toothpicks are properly coated with the wood glue in the holes of the screws. It can secure the anchor for the screws and helps to stabilize the door effectively. 

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After that, you can once again insert the screws in your door and confirm that the snug is tightened properly. Now you have to check the movement of your door and find whether the sagging issues are fixed or not. In many cases, tightening the hinge screws can also enhance the door’s alignment to the next level

  • Adjust doors using shims

If you don’t find any solution from the above mentioned two steps, then it is better to adjust your doors using shims. It can help you adjust the door’s position perfectly. Generally, shims are wedge-shaped and thin pieces of material that you can directly insert into the door to alter its alignment around the frame. 

You can start it by removing the screws of your door from the top hinge and lift the door carefully from its hinges. This step is somewhat risky due to the door’s weight and hence getting help from someone can be the better option. 

After removing the door, deeply inspect your hinge sides and ensure there are no irregularities or gaps. If you find any irregularities or gaps in your door, then sure it is the cause of sagging. Here you can insert the shims into your door and correct its alignment effectively. 

Insert the shims into the gaps but cut them in proper sizes and shapes. It can raise your door gradually to your expected level. During this step, you must be very patient and make all necessary adjustments to have an even door alignment. After adjusting the door’s position successfully, reattach them to the hinges and go through whether it moves perfectly without sagging. Also ensure the door swings well. 

  • Center screw installation in top hinge

Install a long center screw in the top hinge to add more reinforcement and stability. It can distribute your door weight evenly and prevent from sagging issues in the future. For that, you must remove all the existing screws from the door’s top hinge. After that, replace everything with the longer screw to create a better and stronger connection. 

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Such additional support can maintain the proper door alignment and prevent from sagging. It can surely enhance the quality and life of your door and make it function effectively. 

  • Check & adjust the strike plate

A strike plate in the door can also cause sagging issues. Misalignment of the strike plate can increase the sagging issue by preventing the door from latching. To fix it, you must find whether the latch of the strike plates are lined up properly when the door is closed fully. If not, then you must adjust its position. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the idea about the steps to fix a sagging door. You also have explored more ideas about door stop front doors. So why are you still waiting? Fix your sagged door easily today by following these steps properly.

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