How to buy the best roof box for your car?

Are you an outdoor adventurer who is always accompanied by bulky gear? Most people prefer to take tents, boots, skis, Backpacks, and many others for their adventure. It is quite interesting and most enjoyable for easily trekking or other activities with family and friends. 

Cargo boxes or roof boxes are the better way to easily increase packing capacity in the car. The roof box for cars is a super versatile solution suitable for storing more gear on your travels.

What is a roof box?

Normally, the roof boxes are the luggage compartments that can be fitted on the roof bars of the vehicle. These are significant options for carrying even up to 50 kg of luggage. 

It is the most amazing and versatile solution for giving better creative aspects. These roof boxes would easily minimize packaging capacity in the vehicle.

  • Saves space on the roof
  • Easy to pack gear
  • Rear-of-car solutions
  • Save money
  • Hassle-free packaging

Types of roof boxes:

In the modern day, there are many types of Roof Boxes available. Each of them would differ in length, height and width. These also extensively fit the rate of car roofs along with the load capacity.

  • Full-width boxes:

The Full-width boxes are the large boxes which are quite a popular option for most of the families. These can be seen in the size even up to 95 cm width. It efficiently allows for maximizing the load capacity along with carrying more luggage for adventure. These Full-width boxes provide a dual-sided opening. So it will fit full length on the roofs.

  • Medium-width boxes:

Medium-width boxes can be easily seen even up to 75 cm in width. These can be easily installed and helpful for storing more goods. It is quite a popular option as they are easier to lift and available in the most reasonable price range.

  • Narrow boxes:

The Narrow boxes can be seen even up to 60 cm in width. It is the perfect option for those who like to leave space on the roof for a kayak. These are also suitable for approx 3 bike carriers.

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How to buy the best roof box for your car?

  • Examine dimensions of roof boxes:

Upon choosing the type of Cargo boxes suitable for your car, you need to know the exact dimensions. Have a closer look at the dimensions of varied boxes, and it is easier to find the right size to put in. 

Many numbers of Manufacturers also combine the length, width, and height of the roof box. It will be suitable for achieving greater results.

  • Check size and shape:

Knowing the maximum capacity of the car’s dimensions is essential for holding the box on the roof. It is quite a convenient option for considering the size and shape of the cargo boxes that suit your needs and vehicle. Various shapes of roof boxes are available to easily buy. These can be available in various shapes such as rectangular or square.

Rounded roof boxes are a better option to use as the second boost space. These are perfect options for getting extra clothing and equipment. You can also consider the square box when you prefer to store the ski poles or even the pram.

  • Length:

Many Cargo boxes are available in the size of 6ft long. These fit with a pair of 180cm skis along with many other luggage of the same size. You need to look for extra-long boxes when you have skis or many other items.

  • Width:

Wide roof boxes also provide the storage capacity compared to narrow boxes. These are also suitable options for getting more spaces for kayak racks, bike racks, and many more. You can also look at narrower boxes when you are able to put many gears.

  • Height:

Normally, increasing height will be an essential option for growing capacity. Taller boxes would extensively prevent driving to various places. These include the public parking garage, home garage as well as other drive-through restaurants. Whether you have a tall vehicle, then it is quite easy to get the Cargo boxes that add to saving more space.

  • Check gear or luggage capacity:

Finding the length, width, and height combined with the overall gear capacity is essential for the roof boxes. Many numbers of people do not have specific numbers of feet, liters, or inches. It is essential to find how the gear capacity is suitable for holding during the trip. Consider the right condition that you would be driving. Whether you have skiers then, you need to consider them wisely.

  • Ensure the roof box fits your car:

Compatibility is the most essential option for extensively identifying the right boxes that fit your gear. You need to ensure that the gear fits your vehicle roof. Check the hatch clearance and also think about how the roof boxes would look on the car.

  • Check hatch clearance:

Hatch Clearance is the most essential consideration when you have an SUV or hatchback with a rear door. The main reason is that the roof box does not allow the appropriate hatch clearance to prevent the door from opening all the way. When you prefer to store or even test the different boxes using the sales specialist, then it is important to make sure to check on hatch clearance.

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 It is best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and then move the front crossbar forward to the vehicle. It is also the best option to use the tape measure for measuring the center of your vehicle’s front to the open back hatch. 

It is also easier to compare the measurement of the hatch clearance information in the rooftop cargo box with the manufacturer’s website. These are suitable options for you to get more information before buying the roof box.


Adding the rooftop cargo box is one of the best ways to gain more storage space. You can also get more advantages for enjoying your fun-filled journey comfortably. These can store more gear or items on top of your vehicle. The above steps are helpful for you to choose the right sized cargo box for your vehicles.

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