What is required for Umrah?

Millions of Muslims throughout the world give great importance to Umrah. This less pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca is a very intimate and life-changing event for Muslims. But to go out on this holy journey, one must be mentally and physically prepared.

Apart from preparations, pilgrims must be prepared for the essentials and requirements of Umrah. There are two ways to fulfil these requirements: DIY or using any assistance of the Umrah Travel Agents. Here, you know the requirements of Umrah. Performing Umrah is a grateful act for Muslims. It gives you a lot of advantages when you perform it correctly and honourably. 

So, this article will explain what’s required for Umrah:

Knowledge and Understanding of Umrah:

Before starting the Umrah journey, you should have enough knowledge about it. It would help if you prepared for how to perform Umrah. Understand the key steps which are given below:

  1. Ihram 
  2. Tawaf
  3. Sa’ee
  4. Qasr

Ihram is a specific white attire to conduct Umrah. It has different shapes for both men and women. It has two white pieces of clothing for men, while for women, it’s simply an Abaya.

Tawaf is Umrah’s main step, circling the Holy Kaaba. Pilgrims must do Tawaf seven times while walking between the Holy Kaaba. 

Sa’ee is the third step of Umrah. It’s all about walking between Safa and Marwah seven times. Safa and Marwah hills are located inside the Masjid al-Haram.

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The last step of Umrah is Qasr, also known as Halq/Taqsir. This step is related to hair cutting or shaving, which marks the Umrah completion. Halq is for men, which is completely shaving the head. On the other hand, Taqsir is for women, which is a small cutting of women’s hair.

Preparation for Umrah:

Preparation for Umrah is mandatory for pilgrims. Preparation can be divided into two parts:

Mental Preparation:

It would help to mentally prepare yourself before you do it with all your devotion. This includes cleaning your intentions to pleading with Allah (SWT). It also includes asking forgiveness from Allah (SWT) for your past sins. For best mental preparation, you can keep learning Islamic activities such as the Holy Quran, offering Duas and prayers, etc.

Physical Preparation:

It’s critical to realize that making the Umrah demands great stability and energy. It’s a drawn-out procedure that requires much walking over miles or kilometres, particularly in Makkah. Start walking distances and working out to prepare yourself before two to three months of your journey. 

Valid Passport and Visa:

You must have a valid passport for at least six to eight months. The passport should have the proper nationality of your country. On behalf of your passport, you will be granted a visa from authorities. Generally, you can take advantage of three different types of visas for Umrah:

  • Umrah visa
  • Tourist/visit visa
  • EVW visa for British people

Make sure to follow the instructions regarding passport and visa issuance.

Financial Planning:

Finances are also necessary for Umrah as well as Hajj. You must have proper financial planning for your pilgrimage. You must have finances for Umrah, such as shopping, trying local cuisines, etc. Make sure to have enough currency that you can use in Saudi Arabia. Remember that SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal) is the currency used in the holy cities. You have to convert your home currency into SAR.

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Appropriate Clothing for Umrah:

It is usually accepted that “Umrah clothes” refers to Ihram garments. There is no doubt that Ihram is mandatory for pilgrimage performance. Apart from Ihram, you should pack appropriate daily clothing for the rest of your stay in Saudi Arabia. Please be modest in this regard. You should not pack extra luggage as you will have to pay extra charges. Moreover, pack only the essential items; don’t include heavy, bulky, and decorated clothes, as these items are inappropriate during the Umrah environment.

Electronic Devices for Communication:

Nowadays, technology makes the Umrah easy to accomplish and communicate as well. To do the pilgrimage properly, gadget control and management items have become crucial. It is strongly advised that travellers should bring some electronic devices with them so that they can complete their journey conveniently. Here are some recommended ones:

  • Location trackers
  • Alarms
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Mobile phone
  • Chargers
  • Travel adapters
  • E-books and digital prayer resources, etc.


In conclusion, the requirements of Umrah must be fulfilled by pilgrims. One of the main requirements of your Umrah is booking. So, booking the Umrah Travel Packages is one of your trip’s crucial/important steps. May you have a comfortable and enjoyable Umrah journey!


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