What I should pack for Umrah Pilgrimage?

Packing list should be consider while planning for the Umrah Pilgrimage. Umrah is a pilgrimage which can be performed any time of the year. Umrah is also known as Mini-Hajj. Most of the Muslims from United Kingdom book the Umrah Packages to perform Umrah Pilgrimage. Many Muslims perform the Umrah from United Kingdom. You may need the different things while packing for the Umrah Pilgrimage. In this article we, we will discuss the Packing items in detail. You will feel the importance of this list while performing Umrah. Some of the things can be purchased from the Mecca and Medinah shopping Malls, or provided by the Hotel Administration as well which don’t have to pack. While packing for the Umrah you should consider the prohibited items by the Airline. For this you have also to have some riyals with you. You can also make the check-list for the items which are discussed in this article.

Travel Documents

Travel documents are one of the most important items which should be packed in the single file which can be carried throughout the journey. You should also have these documents in your mobile phone as well in case of lost. You should pack firstly passport with VISA documentation, Vaccination Certificates including the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates/Cards, Your recent Passport Size photos(at least 4 Photographs), Saudi Currency at least 450 SAR, Debit or Credit Cards, Emergency Contact Numbers including the Group Leaders phone number, Photocopy of Passport, Travel Tickets, and Non-medical Face masks.

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Baggage Items

You should have the hard-shell suitcase which should be according the dimension provided by respective airline. There are different baggage requirements according to different airlines of the world. Most of the Asian airlines deal the Baggage airline in the Kilograms but most of the European airlines deal the baggage allowance in the Bags. One standard bag of airline is about 23 Kilograms and large bag for the business class or the first class customers have the baggage allowance of 32 Kilograms. You have to weight your baggage allowance before departing from the home as precautionary act.

Prayer Essentials

All the pilgrims must have the prayer books which can be purchased from any book depot in your city. It is suggested to have the pocket sized Qur’an which can easily be carried throughout the holy journey. Purchase the prayer book or Umrah booklet which includes the prayers of authentic Muslim scholars. For the UK pilgrims it is very long journey so, they can engage themselves in the Zikar. They also engage themselves in Zikar during the changing of the flight. You should also carry the prayer mat and Qibla compass along with the prayer books. You can also install the Qibla App in your mobile phones for finding the Qibla.

Clothing and Garments

Clothing and Garments must be packing keeping in view of Mecca and Medina’s weather conditions. If you travelling the in the month of December using the December Umrah packages of any authentic travel agency in the United Kingdom, you should pack the warm clothes with you including the high necks, warm jackets, lagies, socks, and other necessary garments. While in the summer months, you must pack the light cloths and umbrella to be save from blistering summer weather. You can also take the Ihram with you but it can also be purchased from the Mecca as well. Ladies must have the five pair of socks, hijabs or abayas, hijab undercaps, hijab pins, hair accessories, slips or light clothes to be wear under hijab, light pajamas, and blister patches.

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First Aid Kit

First Aid kit must be carried for the injuries which can be happened during the holy journey. This first aid kid must contain cold and flu relief drugs, pain-relief tablets, travel sickness medications, cough syrups/throat lozenges, diarrhea tablets, bandages, fragrance-free sunblock, cotton, antiseptic cream, muscle pain relief creams, oral rehydration salts and antibiotics. During the Hajj there are more chances of injuries due to rush of pilgrims in Kaabah and other places. While booking the Hajj Packages from UK try to purchase the necessary items for the First Aid Kit as well. These are one of the things which a basic first kid includes. These will help you out during the journey against any light injuries. If you are travelling with group or family, it must be have with you or any member of your group of family.

Self-Care Items

For the health conscious pilgrims these very necessary items during the holy journey of Umrah. You must carry the items like Large and small towels, Toothbrush, Toothpaste (Fragrance-free for Ihram), Unscented shampoo and conditioner, Fragrance-free soap (bar or liquid form), Pocket tissues, Fragrance-free wet wipes for Ihram, Hand sanitizer, Hairbrush/comb (only to be used outside the Ihram state), Anti-perspirant, Small mirror, Nail cutter, Small scissors, Razors or shaving machine, Sanitary pads, Unscented moisturizer or cream, Toiletries bag, Alarm clock, Notebook and pen.  Furthermore, you must have the water bottle which can be refilled again with Zamzam water, Snacks and packets of Juices. You must take care of your hygiene during the Umrah Journey.

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Electronic Items

The current era is called the cyber age in which man have to take some essential items which traveler have to carry during the journey. During the Umrah journey, you must have smart phone to keep in touch with your families and friends. It suggested to you to purchase a local SIM card for the Umrah journey. Some of the traveler packing essentials are universal travel adaptor, mobile phone charger, power bank, kindle or tablet, headphones/earphones, wristwatch and flashlight which must be packed for the Umrah journey.

Final Thoughts

I want to conclude here, while departing for the Umrah journey you must have some essentials whose checklist must be made. You have to pack the essential items which are explained in this article. It will help you out throughout the journey. We have included all the necessary items including the travel documents, baggage items, prayer essentials and booklets, clothing and garment essential items for ladies and gents, basic first aid kit for unexpected injuries during the journey, self-care items, and electronic items. We have mentioned all the necessary items for our Umrah Pilgrim brothers and sisters. May Allah Accept your Umrah! (Ameen)

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