Reasons to Upgrade Your Can-Am Defender’s Tie Rods

For off-roaders and those who work outdoors, side-by-sides aren’t just vehicles; they’re companions. To ensure safety and security without sacrificing performance, certain upgrades become crucial. While tie rods may seem like minor parts, they play major roles in side-by-side handling and steering. Here, we’ll explore the best reasons to upgrade your Can-Am Defender’s tie rods.


Your side-by-side’s tie rods are designed for basic functionality, which makes them more likely to suffer wear and tear under extreme conditions. Upgrading to can am defender heavy duty tie rods, which are made from stronger materials, improves durability and resilience. With new tie rods, your Defender will withstand anything the trail throws at it.


Increased Strength

Off-roading is a high-impact hobby that puts stress on multiple components, including tie rods. Your Defender’s stock tie rods might not be ready for the additional strain and force, making them more likely to bend or break. Upgrading to heavy-duty tie rods improves strength and reduces the risk of failure.

Precise Steering

Tie rods play a key role in steering precision and responsiveness, and an upgrade may bring a more accurate, direct feel. Improvements are more noticeable when moving over challenging terrain. With the steering precision offered by upgraded tie rods, you’ll enjoy a more controlled driving experience.


Heavy-duty tie rods are adjustable, allowing you to customize your Defender’s alignment and fine-tune its handling characteristics. Whether you want an aggressive, trail-ready setup or a stable configuration for outdoor work, heavy-duty tie rods provide the flexibility you need.

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No Toe Changes for Better Alignment

Toe changes happen when suspension travel causes wheel angles to change. Stock tie rods often struggle to maintain toe settings, creating lasting alignment issues. Heavy-duty tie rods, however, have tighter tolerances that minimize toe changes. The reduction contributes to predictable and stable handling, ensuring your Defender maintains its alignment under the most challenging scenarios.

Room for Larger Tires

Many side-by-side owners choose large, knobby tires for tough terrain, but big tires can exert additional stress on suspension components. Heavy-duty tie rods can handle the increased load of larger tires, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing wear.

Corrosion Resistance

Off-roading exposes side-by-sides to mud, rocks, water, and rough terrain. Stock tie rods may corrode with time, especially if they’ve lost their protective coating. Heavy-duty tie rods have corrosion-resistant finishes that offer protection from deterioration and rust. Not only will these tie rods last longer, but they’ll also perform better under various conditions.

Cost Efficiency

While swapping out your tie rods may seem like a big investment, it’s a cost-effective long-term solution. The strength, durability, and performance of aftermarket tie rods result in fewer repairs and replacements compared to stock units. With high-quality tie rods, you’ll enhance your Defender’s capabilities while saving money on upkeep.

Upgraded Tie Rods Offer a Better Ride

Upgrading your Defender’s tie rods is a big step toward improving its durability and performance under demanding conditions. Whether you’re tackling rough trails, riding through the mud, or working outdoors, heavy-duty tie rods offer the durability, strength, and customizability to enhance your experience. By upgrading your tie rods, you’re investing in the reliability and longevity of your equipment. Count on the pros at Thumper Fab to help you find the best parts for your Can-Am side-by-side.

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