Earning Gold in World of Warcraft: 2024 Guide

In World of Warcraft, gold isn’t just a currency; it’s a vital resource that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. From purchasing epic gear and mounts to acquiring essential crafting materials or even securing a spot in a high-level raid, the importance of gold can’t be overstated. This guide will walk you through various effective strategies to accumulate wealth in WoW. 

Professions: Your Gold-Making Allies

Professions in WoW are more than just skill sets; they’re lucrative ventures if pursued correctly.

  • Gathering Professions (Herbalism, Mining, Skinning): Start with these to collect resources. Materials such as herbs, ores, and skins are always in demand in the Auction House.
  • Crafting Professions (Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Enchanting, etc.): Once you’ve amassed resources and gold, consider a crafting profession. Crafted items, especially those used for endgame content, can be sold for a substantial profit.
  • Using the Auction House: Learn to use the Auction House effectively. Understand market trends for your server and price your goods competitively. Add-ons like “Auctioneer” or “TradeSkillMaster” can be invaluable tools.

Playing the Auction House: A Trader’s Game

The Auction House is not just a place to sell your goods; it’s a platform for making gold through savvy trading.

  • Buy Low, Sell High: Monitor the market for underpriced items, purchase them, and resell them at a higher standard rate.
  • Market Manipulation: This involves buying large quantities of a specific item to create a shortage and then reselling them at a higher price. However, this method requires substantial initial capital and market knowledge.
  • Players often complement their gold-making efforts in WoW with the additional options offered by sites like
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Questing and Running Dungeons

  • Questing: Completing quests provides gold and items to sell. Daily and world quests in the latest expansion are particularly lucrative.
  • Dungeon Runs: Running dungeons, especially at max level, can be a good source of gold. Sell the loot you don’t need and gather materials that drop.

Utilizing Crafting and Gathering Skills

  • Crafting for Profit: Items like bags, gear, or consumables are always in demand. Keep an eye on what’s popular and profitable to craft.
  • Gathering in the World: While exploring, gather resources. Even low-level areas can be gold mines for certain materials.

Playing the Market: Flipping and Farming

  • Farming Specific Items: Certain items are eternally in demand (like cloth, certain herbs, or ores). Find a good farming spot and spend some time gathering these items.
  • Flipping Items: Purchase underpriced items and sell them for a profit. This requires an understanding of your server’s economy and patience.

Rare and Coveted: Hunting for Valuable Drops

  • Farming for Rare Drops: Some rare items can be sold for a high price. This includes rare mounts, pets, transmog items, or gear drops from old raids and dungeons.

Use Your Class and Skills

  • Solo Old Raids and Dungeons: Certain classes can solo old content faster. These runs can yield valuable items and raw gold.
  • Use Class-Specific Abilities: Some classes have unique abilities that can be leveraged for gold making, like Druids with faster gathering or Rogues opening lockboxes.

Participate in World Events

  • Seasonal Events: Many events have unique items or materials that can be sold for a good price. Farm these items and sell them to players looking to complete event-specific collections.
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Gold Making with Alts

  • Alt Farming: More characters mean more opportunities to farm dungeons, raids, and gather resources. Use alts to maximize your gold-making potential.

Add-Ons and Tools

  • Economic Add-Ons: Tools like “Auctioneer” or “TSM” can help manage your Auction House activities more effectively.


Making gold in WoW is a multifaceted endeavor that can involve everything from simple farming to complex market strategies. The key is to find a method that you enjoy and fits your playstyle. Whether it’s through professions, trading, or old-fashioned monster hunting, the paths to riches in Azeroth are as diverse as they are rewarding. Remember, the WoW economy is ever-changing, so stay adaptable and informed to keep your gold coffers full.

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