A beginner’s guide to emergency showers and eyewash stations

Do you want to gather more information about emergency showers & eyewash stations? If yes, then thoroughly read this blog and understand everything about eyewash stations and emergency showers

In general, people working in the chemical industries or laboratories may have a chance of facing accidental chemical exposure. It is impossible to eradicate such chemical exposure in these types of industries. 

But the safety precautions can be made with the help of having emergency showers & eyewash stations on workspace. If possible, it is also better to have glasses, face shields and PPE procedures to get rid of serious from the chemical accidents. 

The hazardous chemical substance sure may lead to minor irritation to permanent eye injuries. If the workers have got exposure to the corrosive substance during their work, then it is necessary to take the necessary treatment within 10 – 15 seconds. 

If there is any delay, then sure it will lead to permanent vision loss or other serious injuries. Here treatment doesn’t mean going to hospital and getting treatment from the doctor. Having the emergency showers & eyewash stations nearby workspaces can be more than enough for this treatment. 

Places that need emergency showers & eyewash stations:

Take a look at below and explore the places that need emergency showers & eyewash stations:

  • Hazardous chemical substances discharge areas
  • Dipping & coating operations
  • Classrooms & laboratories
  • Battery charging areas
  • Spraying operations
  • Very dusty areas
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Emergency showers vs. eyewash stations:

  • Emergency showers

If your head or body is injured with hazardous chemicals, then you can wash those areas with emergency showers. But it can be used to flush the face and eyes. It is since; the high pressure water from showers may damage the eyes. Instead you can use eyewash stations.

  • Eyewash stations

You can use the eyewash stations to flush the face and eyes immediately after the chemical accident. You have to wash your eyes or face before 15 minutes of getting medical attention. 

The requirement for the eyewash stations or emergency showers is according to the major chemical hazards faced by workers. The eyewash station is more than enough if the workers have got issues only with their face and eyes. If their full body makes direct contact with the chemical, then sure, an emergency shower is the best option. Therefore, based on the hazard assessment, you should use either one of these equipment or both. 

Variations of emergency showers & eyewash stations:

There are different variations of emergency showers & eyewash stations available. Take a look at below and explore everything:

  • Face & eyewash stations

The face & eyewash stations are very useful in industry. They are readily available in self-contained and plumbed options with the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certification. 

  • Indoor safety showers

You can get the indoor safety showers in unheated stainless / galvanized steel variations. It is available in different configurations such as ceiling mounted, free standing and wall mounted models. 

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It can also give instant relief in areas where workers handle caustic or chemical substances. These showers also come with the universal safety shower sign with better visibility. That let people who were affected during the chemical accident to reach out the shower quickly. 

  • Outdoor safety showers

Implement outdoor safety showers in cold or hot climates to give necessary and immediate treatment for those who were affected by hazardous chemicals. The outdoor models built with the self-draining design can be useful in the warmer climates to reduce the overheating chances. 

There are also freeze-protected showers available for colder climates. You can find the outdoor safety showers in two options such as wall-mounted and floor-mounted. It also comes with the universal safety shower sign with better visibility that helps people to reach quickly.

  • Emergency showers with tanks

Generally, emergency showers with tanks are the best choice for the place where there is no proper access to the main water supply. It can also be useful in places where one can’t install plumbed safety showers and where there is insufficient water pressure. 

This variation can hold around hundred gallons of water. It can also supply the steady water stream for around 15 minutes continuously without any breakage in the flow. Here the flow rate is guaranteed and helps you get enough water until you get clear from the injury. 

These showers also feature galvanized steel frame construction and external water level indicators. There are also some models available that include eyewash stations for additional relief from the accident. 

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  • Temperature controlled safety showers

If you want to get the steady flow of the warm water for around 15 minutes, then sure you can make use of the temperature controlled safety showers. It can prevent workers from getting affected by shock due to the frigid water temperatures. 

The combination of eyewash stations with standalone warm water tanks are the additional feature of this variation. These showers also feature tanks with the pre-insulated polyurethane construction that are helpful to eradicate heat loss. 

  • Mobile safety showers & washes

If the existing showers are under maintenance or where there is no water supply for mobile applications, then mobile safety showers & eyewash stations are the right choice. You can find these mobile stations in different configurations and sizes. 

  • Decontamination showers

Workers can easily get relief from being affected with the hazardous chemicals with the help of decontamination showers. They are effectively designed for a different range of hazmat applications such as chemical attacks, natural disasters or incidents that involve biological or nuclear agents. Here also different configurations and sizes are available.  So eyewash stations in factories for employees should work in a safe environment and not face any risks. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got a better idea about emergency showers & eyewash stations. Washing the eyes and taking a shower on the affected areas can stop your eyes or other parts of the body from getting into big trouble. Hence it is always best to have the emergency showers & eyewash stations all over the workspaces.


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